‘The Incredibles 2’ picks up where the first left off


The Incredibles ended on a high note, with the Parr family jumping into action to defeat The Underminer, and then a cut to black implying that their adventures would continue one day. Today we know that there is indeed a second Incredibles movie being created as we speak, but details on the project have been sparse. Little is known about the plot, new characters, or anything of note.

However, now we know one new morsel of information: The time period.

IGN got a chance to speak with Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter at the D23 Expo, who revealed that the film takes place just moments after the first film ends. 

It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on. It starts with the Underminer and a big old set piece. You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where start this movie.

Lasseter went on to explain that the Brad Bird directed sequel is a special story, and one that he feels will resonate with fans. Still, that nugget of info on the time period should sate the appetite of restless fans for the time being.

Though I have to wonder, does this mean the entire movie will be set during this time period, or will it literally be the opening moments? It would make sense, considering the first film started in the golden age of superheroes, and then proceeded to what was at the time, present day. Maybe we could see a similar type of direction in the sequel. After all, Bird is returning to direct the sequel, so it’s not far fetched to assume a similar structure could be used.

If you ask me, I think there’s opportunity for a film about a Parr family that has grown with the years. Family dynamics can drastically change with time, and making a film based around those changes could be a golden opportunity for some excellent storytelling. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

[via IGN