The Incredibles is the best Fantastic Four movie of all time




1. They get family right



2. They really nail the powers



3. Their villain wasn’t a giant cloud

Granted, the Dr. Doom in the comics is a truly fearsome foe, but they really dropped the ball on him in the first two movies and from what I’ve read, there’s nothing to write home about in the Josh Trank reboot. As far as Rise of the Silver Surfer goes, the less said about the cinematic Galactus the better. A giant purple and blue dude wouldn’t have worked on film (probably), but a cloud with a shadow of his helmet in it was weird and frankly, stupid. In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Gah Lak Tus is a swarm of skyscraper-sized cybernetic locust shaped like Galactus’s helmet. That is awesome. Give us that. Not…this.

I could spend this entire section harping on Galactus alone, but for the sake of professional journalism, I’ll actually touch on Jason Lee’s Syndrome.

4. They have a much better supporting cast

Take a minute to compare Samuel L. Jackson’s Frozone to Stan Lee’s Willie Lumpkin the mailman. Oh wait. Or how about costume designer Edna Mode and the Thing’s blind girlfriend Alicia? I could rattle off a few more characters but as far as the Fantastic Four movies go, there really aren’t any.