The Invisible Man starts shooting as the vestige of The Dark Universe begins its end


Oh, what could have been. The Dark Universe seemed like such a… thing. Yes, it was definitely a thing. A thing that was going to happening until it, of course, did not happen thank to The Mummy getting absolutely no one excited about it. Most of the films that were planned for the defunct cinematic universe are gone completely, but one bravely survived: The Invisible Man and it has now begun shooting with Oliver Jackson-Cohen starring as the transparent titular character.

What happened was that after the wreckage of the cancelled universe, Leigh Whannell stepped in with an idea to make a standalone Invisible Man movie with a low budget and none of the interconnected hoopla. It got picked up pretty quickly by Blumhouse and Universal and now we’re getting something akin to a character study instead of a monster blowout. Ironically, it kind of sounds like the type of movie that could kindle a passion for an entire universe of well-made classic monster films. If only someone could pull that off.

The Invisible Man hits theaters on March 13, 2020.

Matthew Razak
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