The Iron Giant: Signature Edition Returns Animated Classic to Theaters


Fathom Features announced today that the cult-classic animated film, The Iron Giant, will be making a return to select theaters in a new Signature Edition for two nights only. This new release of the film will be fully remastered and will feature two new scenes, increasing the length of the film by about ten minutes.

The Iron Giant: Signature Edition will be screened on September 30th and October 4th this fall. It’s also very likely that these screenings will probably be followed by a long overdue release of the film on blu ray.

The movie represents the directorial debut of Brad Bird after years of work on The Simpsons. He would later go on to work on The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and the recent Tomorrowland. While the movie was a bit of a bomb in theaters, it was critically hailed and garnered massive praise in the years following its release due to its unique style, lovable characters, and emotional story. Fans should be excited to see this one back up on the big screen as many modern viewers probably only caught The Iron Giant on home video before.

If you somehow still haven’t seen this amazing movie, go do yourself a favor and grab a copy from a department store bargain bin this weekend. And a box of tissues while you’re at it– you’re gonna need it.