The Jessica Jones trailer is here and nothing else matters


So, this Jessica Jones trailer went live a few days ago. I meant to post it then, but the sheer joy of what I was seeing drove me into a brief coma of which I’ve finally awakened from.

The trailer has everything I wanted to see: Jessica Jones (any misgivings about the casting of Krysten Ritter evaporated instantly), Mike Colter’s bartending Luke Cage (he’s no Common, but UNFFF), and the gentle tease of the super creepy machinations and manipulations of David Tennant’s Kilgrave (Purple Man if you’re nasty).

Just from the trailer, we can see Ritter’s Jessica matches her comic counterpart’s drunk, broken ex-hero private detective to a T, and a lot of what was shown when I rewatched the trailer threatened to send me right back into that coma.

If we can get the Owl (after a fashion) and a hint of Stilt-Man in Daredevil, there’s a massive opportunity here for Marvel to use Jessica Jones to introduce us to all sorts of truly great, obscure characters that won’t make the big screen any time soon.

November 20th is so far away from now I can barely stand it, but when it finally arrives I may just be pulling an all-nighter…

Marvel's Jessica Jones | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

[via Netflix]