The Jesus Rolls trailer is here and it’s…well it’s here


To expand the Lewbowski Cinematic Universe, John Turturro wrote and directed his own take on his scene-stealing Jesus Quintana. Not a sequel to The Big Lebowski, but a spin-off around the mysterious ball-licking Quintana. First we got a teaser, now we have a trailer. After some anticipation, the trailer feels a bit like watching the ball drop into the gutter. 

The Jesus Rolls - Official Trailer

We’re reintroduced to Quintana as he exits jailm (a place he’s become accustomed to given his past and Christopher Walken offering the “one more strike” ultimatum) and proceeds to forgo his reformation and immediately boosts a car. From here, the trailer gets a little strange.

Quintana—who we last saw in sunny Los Angeles—seems to have found his way across the country to the east coast (behind Walken, there’s paperwork with Sing Sing Correctional Facility on it, a maximum security prison in New York), and quickly reunites with his best friend who in turn quickly gets shot in the butt by Jon Hamm. 

From here it’s an disconnected trail of hijinks and unsavory characters that imply Quintana hasn’t learned a single thing during his time in prison. Where the story goes is still unclear. Based on the trailer, Quintana is spending his regained freedom just wandering around. Does he have aspirations, or is he just living life as it comes? If the latter, that’s very Dude of him. 

The Jesus Rolls is set to release on February 28th.  

Nick Hershey