The Kid Who Would Be King struggles as people hate childhood wonder


Looks like the poor reviews didn’t stop people from heading out to theaters to see Glass meaning that not just the die-hard fans were interested in the film as it pulled in $19 million on its way to what should be an easy $100 million domestic run. That’s pretty good for a movie that had some bad word of mouth around it but really didn’t deserve it. 

What did get positive reviews and word of mouth is The Kid Who Would Be King, but with a fourth-place finish at only $12.2 million its looking like it might be a bust. It reportedly had a budget of around $59 million so it can still make its money back, especially with international box, but that’s still not what Fox was looking for. The movie really should be an easy family hit in a dead box office with little competition but I guess folks just weren’t all that interested.

Impressively, Dragon Ball Super: Broly stuck around in the top ten. For a limited anime release, it is kicking some ass.

1. Glass – $19,049,000
2. The Upside – $12,240,000
3. Aquaman – $7,350,000
4. The Kid Who Would Be King – $7,250,000
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – $6,150,000
6. Green Book – $5,413,000
7. A Dog’s Way Home – $5,225,000
8. Serenity – $4,800,000
9. Escape Room – $4,275,000
10. Dragon Ball Super: Broly – $3,600,000

Matthew Razak
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