The LEGO Movie is already getting a sequel


So there’s a good chance The LEGO Movie is going to do extremely well in the box office, and there’s a good chance (thanks to positive early reviews and Matt saying it’s great), it’s good enouhg to warrant that performance. But is it good enough to warrant a sequel? Written by someone else? 

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros is hard at work on making a sequel to The LEGO Movie, but is not pursuing it with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (the guys who also directed 21/22 Jump Street), the writers and directors of the first movie. Right now, they have Jared Stern on tap (whose credits include The Internship and Mr. Popper’s Penguins) working on the script. Also of note is that Warner Bros has put a little consortium together in order to produce more, potentially well made, animated movies. So time will tell, I suppose. I won’t see The LEGO Movie myself until later this week, but I’m reviewing it for Flixist! Here’s hoping everything is awesome! 

[via The Wrap]