The LEGO Movie sequel gets release date and name


When The LEGO Movie came out everyone was rolling their eyes at it and thinking it would suck as a weird attempt at a cash grab for kids. Well, everybody who hadn’t played a LEGO video game, that is. Anyone who had was already aware of the fantastic writing and creativity that LEGO and WB had put into those games so it came as little surprise when the movie was fantastic, and made lots of money and then generated a sequel, which, as of today, we know is called The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

Get it? Because of LEGO parts… and it’s also the second movie… and also the McGuffins driving the film are magical parts… ahhh.. you get it.

Anyway, the reveal came over Twitter and also included that image you see above and a release date of February 2019, which is a far cry from the May 2017 release originally announced. My birthday is in February so I’m going to pretend they delayed it all this extra time to give me a nice gift. Thanks, LEGO!

Matthew Razak
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