The Lion King remake gets new Beyonce track


Disney’s upcoming live action The Lion King remake is freshening up its soundtrack. It’ll drop all but four of the original songs, and Elton John, Tim Rice, and Beyonce are working together to write an undisclosed number of new songs.

While ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ will still appear during the movie itself, it was announced that the original Elton John End Title version will be replaced by an original song, with Beyonce on vocals.

Considering Beyonce is voicing adult Nala, and adult Nala only appeared in a single song in the original film, a wild guess says the soundtrack will be rewritten to feature her much more heavily. I feel like you don’t spend Beyonce-hiring money for some voicework and two songs. She’s gonna be Lemonade-ing across the pride lands against Scar.

Since the film is ‘live action’ but all of the characters will be CG (against a real backdrop, I guess?), I’m hoping they make all the actors do their own mocap work. I look forward to the behind the scenes footage of Donald Glover and Beyonce in mocap suits awkwardly singing while pretending they’re lions. Think of the gifs, people.

The Lion King will premiere July 19, 2019.

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