The Man in the High Castle will end its regime with season 4


I haven’t watched a single episode of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle despite the fact that alternate history shows are completely my jam. However, I may dive in after the next season because that season will be its last and once a show is done it becomes so much more easily bingeable. 

It’s not immediately clear why this will be the last season, but it probably isn’t because of ratings. The Man in the High Castle was one of Amazon’s most popular shows when it debuted and it has also been one of their most successful in terms of actually penetrating the public’s awareness, a challenge Amazon has had in comparison to Netflix. Most likely there were only four seasons of story to tell and the producers and showrunners are looking to wrap things up. Considering this final season is being made as a final season that’s the reason that makes the most sense. 

No word yet on when the final season will be debuting, but at some point after that I’m sure I’ll binge it all.

Matthew Razak
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