The Master reveals its first poster


If you’ve been paying attention to Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming film The Master you know that the marketing department behind is doing some pretty interesting things. The last two (not) trailers for the (not) about-Scientology-or-L.-Ron-Hubbard film have been some real strokes of genius, and now we get the first poster for the film, which is also suitably different.

A half submerged bottle of wine isn’t your normal poster and the way this is put together is simply awesome. Bravo to the art team who pulled this one out, and if the film is still anything like the 2010 screenplay that leaked then they’ve captured the tone and feeling perfectly in a single image. If this keeps up we’re going to have one of the most interesting marketing campaigns to hit movies in a while followed by one of the most interesting films to come out this year when the movie lands in October.

[via Indiewire]

Matthew Razak
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