The Matrix producer’s Ben 10 finds a screenwriter


Joel Silver produced not only The Matrix (and its sequels), but loads of other films since the 80’s, such as Weird Science, Predator, Die Hard, V for Vendetta and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang… That being said, he’s also produced stuff like Sherlock Holmes and seemingly every cheesy horror film made over the past twenty years. That being said, I still like where Silver’s head is at when choosing films to produce, in general. It’s been seven months since he got his hands on the film rights to the Ben 10 property, but nothing had come of it since then. That is until a screenwriter was hired to pen the live-action take on it. That writer happens to be Albert Torres, one of a handful of names attached to the live-action Akira script… and he also wrote the script to some film called Henry Poole is Here.

The story of Ben 10 revolves around “Ben Tennyson, a boy who can transform into 10 different alien creatures with the help of a glovelike device called the Omnitrix.” Warner Bros. will be producing alongside Joel Silver, which should surprise no one as The Matrix was also a Warner Bros. production. I’ve never seen the TV show myself, but I like the concept overall and I’m curious to see what they would do with a live-action take on it… To be honest, I’m basically hoping for something like The Matrix. Please don’t talk logic to me, I’ll just get mad.

[Via TheFilmStage]