The Meg trailer

THE MEG - Official Trailer #1 [HD]

As a kid, I always enjoyed learning facts about prehistoric animals. Things like the length of a Brontosaurus (70 feet), how fast a raptor could run (40 mph), or the number of teeth a T-Rex had (50). It felt good to have that knowledge packed away if I ever found myself in a real-world Jurassic Park. In the realm of underwater prehistoric creatures, the Megalodon is one of myths and legends. The biggest shark that’s ever wandered the great blue yonder sized in at nearly 60 feet, twice the size of a Great White. Remember Jaws? The Megalodon swats it away with the flick of a fin. 

With the summer movie buzz kicking into gear, there’s no better time like the present to give the Megalodon some quality screen time. In the newly released trailer for the film, we get a few good looks at the Meg as it attacks Jason Statham’s underwater habitat before finding its way to a beach overcrowded with people. Not only that, but there’s a giant squid thrown in for good measure. 

Check out the trailer above, and catch The Meg when it hits theaters on August 10th. 

Nick Hershey