The Minecraft movie assembles in 2022


The momentum of video game adaptations continues to build as we have a date for the Minecraft movie, coming from Warner Bros. They hope to have a blockbuster on their hands when it releases in theaters on March 4th, 2022.

A brief plot rundown describes the film to “follow an unnamed teenage girl and her fellow adventurers, who must take on the Ender Dragon. Their foe is on a path of destruction that threatens to destroy the blocky Overworld.” Peter Sollett, perhaps best known for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is attached to direct.

You can see where Warner Bros. is coming from pushing this along. There’s an easy LEGO Movie vibe to riff off of here, with the creation-aspect, and kids love Minecraft still, I guess. 

Worth mentioning again is that this Minecraft film will be live-action, reinforced in a blog post from Minecraft developer Mojang. It would seem to me a lot of the visual charm of Minecraft comes from its goofy block-headed avatars and zombie pig-men. But then again I’m too square to be down with what Minecraft audiences are into. Hopefully the three years will give me time to become better-rounded.

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