The Muppets are brainwashing your kids, says Fox


Hello, folks! Liberal media here. Have you seen The Muppets yet? I thought it was pretty good. My main complaint? Not nearly enough messages to children that capitalism and rich people are evil. There’s a time and place for subtlety, but children’s movies are not it. I like movies that really drive the point home. If you want to brainwash kids well, you’ve really got to drill the message into their tiny little skulls. I mean, how will they know that the reason Tex Richman is the bad guy is because he’s a rich capitalist and not just a jerk? Kermit is shown living in a mansion, and Miss Piggy runs a successful corporation! Kids will never know that the wealthy elite are the enemy if we keep sending them such mixed messages.

Look, kids, all I’m saying is that you should not buy any merchandise for The Muppets, or for anything else. The oil industry is the worst thing in the world. Don’t be rich and successful, because you’d be much better off using the easy-to-access food stamps. Boy, that’s a lot of messages for one children’s movie! No wonder we couldn’t brainwash as many kids as we’d like!

[/Film, via Media Matters]