The Muppets get their Fuzzy on in new trailer


The first Muppets trailer, disguised as a generic rom-com called Green With Envy, was an hilarious piece of misdirection that perfectly captured the characters’ anarchic appeal. The second trailer is a little more conventional, but only in that it’s a trailer for the right movie.

Everything else is as deranged as we’ve come to expect, including recommendations from such esteemed publications as ‘Being Green Entertainment’ (“The ‘Xanadu‘ of family entertainment!”) and ‘Waste Of Time Magazine’ (“Absolutely hilarious. Sometimes on purpose.”). There’s a brilliant Danny Trejo cameo and a hint of story in the appearance of what seems to be the dilapidated Muppet theatre. I was worried that this new movie wouldn’t be able to recapture the spirit that made earlier Muppet releases so much fun, but this inspired marketing direction has been a complete success in quashing those fears.

[via Yahoo]