The Muppets respond to Fox News hate


A little while after The Muppets came out Fox News Business Channel decided that the film was actually a piece of liberal propaganda created to make children hate capitalism and the oil industry.

No, I’m not joking. This really happened.

The Muppets themselves have kept silent on this issue — most likely because they couldn’t stop laughing. But they’ve finally been prompted to speak up and they’re taking it in stride. The above footage from one of the overseas press events Kermit and Ms. Piggy participated in has the pair finally responding to Fox News’ claims. Of course there had to be a guy (or many) at this conference covering it for a news organization owned by News Corp. Judging from the laughter, however, it seems that even they thought the Fox News program was idiotic.

[via /Film] [Image]

Matthew Razak
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