The Muppets teaser poster is…a thing


I’m as psyched for The Muppets as I am for any other movie coming out this year. Like anyone with a pulse and decent taste, I grew up with the Muppets on VHS and on my TV in various incarnations. The Muppets haven’t seen too many good turns since being sold to Disney, but this movie could be their great comeback. At least, it had better, or else Jim Henson’s gonna haunt the hell out of Disney.

The very first official poster for The Muppets, opening November 23rd, was released over the weekend, and it’s…something all right. It’s just weird. Everyone’s getting their Right Stuff walk on, Kermit’s got a visible Transformers-style spark going, everybody’s in a full body shot. Usually that’s fine, but seeing Fozzie’s lower half just feels wrong. Everyone else I’m cool with. It’s just Fozzie. So I don’t even know. Anyway, spy the poster down below in yonder gallery, and tell us what you think.

[Via /Film]