The Network Roundup: Bring on the chocolate


This weekend is finally Easter. A time that can mean various things for many people. Family, religion, even rabbit worship. To me Easter means one thing. Delicious chocolate bunnies. Don’t even get me started on the day after Easter sales. Perhaps Monday should be its own holiday. I declare it “Cadbury Conquest Day”!

While you are planning your chocolate overdose plans, and the extreme weight loss tactics after, check out sweetness going on around the network. The Japanator crew is running around wild at Sakura-con, Flixist gets up close with a Hollywood heavy hitter, and Tomopop reminds me how much I loved Dark Knight Returns. Just remember to exercise caution this weekend, and avoid hollow chocolate bunnies at all cost, solid milk chocolate will always win the race. What’s your favorite Easter candy? 


PAX: BioWare announces details for Mass Effect 3 DLC. Don’t you dare spoil the ending for me.
So … who’s buying Xenoblade Chronicles today? If you’re not playing Xenoblade Chronicles right now, shame on you.
Exclusive: A journey through Journey’s soundtrack. Mmmm Journey…