The Network Roundup: Case closed


Last night wrapped up the second, and I assume final season of AMC’s The Killing. I didn’t know what to think of the show at first, but man, I loved that show. Classic murder/ mystery with a super gritty Twin Peaks vibe, topped off with what I feel was a pretty satisfying conclusion. Now we take a deep breath, and prepare for Breaking Bad‘s return next month. Supposedly we’re going to wait until 2013 to see Joel Kinnaman again in the Robocop remake.

On the network we left nothing to mystery. Destructoid focused on some interesting EA Games news. Japanator was putting the wraps on its exciting J-Games week. Flixist had some grim news about the tragic death of some turtles. Finally, Tomopop unravelled the mystery of where our Samus figures are. My TV watching is slowly thinning out. Any show you guys recommend?