The Network Roundup: Enough with the bath salts


For this edition of The Network Roundup, I am making a public plea. No more zombie bath salts jokes! For the last couple days I haven’t been able to get on the train, go to work, or especially enter social media without someone cracking some type of zombie bath salts joke. I swear, it’s the hottest comedy material since Milli Vanilli! Just get it all out now so we can move on with our weekend.

Destructoid kept on target and away from the pressures of social networking humor with exciting pre-E3 news. Japanator focused on what matters with more mecha face offs. Flixist let us know wether Snow White‘s massive advertising campaign was money well spent. The Tomopop posse brought us non-other than some more Persona 4 merchandise! The never ending destruction of my wallet! Isn’t there some werewolves we can be reporting on?