The Network Roundup: Get your grill on


Memorial Day weekend always signifies some poignent things for me. Remembering those who serve for our freedom, plenty of rest, and a whole lot of grilling delicious meats are always on the agenda. I’m far from being an outdoorsy type or person, but for some reason this weekend seems to pull me away from the TV and has me obsessed with dining al fresco. What’s you weekend plans?

Destructoid reported that Demon’s Souls online service wasn’t going to be a fond memory, but would continue on, allowing us to die on forever. Japanator brought back the Fighting Fridays keeping us cheering for our favorite team. Flixist is closing out the fabulous Wes Anderson Week. Finally, Tomopop has some delightful combinations of two of my favorite things –burgers and figures. Enjoy the freedom of grilling this long weekend, and don’t forget those who made it all possible.