The Network Roundup: Just drop kick it


I had the pleasure of catching Gareth Evans’s Indonesian at action flick, The Raid:Redemption this weekend. Pretty much everything that has followed leaving the theatre has consisted of me kneeing or elbowing it. I’m not sure if my co-workers are totally digging my new style. Doesn’t everyone turn off their iMac with a flying knee?

The network was also a battlefield this weekend with plenty of the network’s staff out and about at various conventions, ready to get slapped around by readers. The Destructoid crew held down the coverage at PAX East. Japanator was running around Sakura-con, Anime Matsuri, and Anime-Boston. Flixist has some drool worthy give aways for the local Whedonists. Finally, Tomopop made us all drool with their fantastic coverage of all the amazing figures at Hobby Round 7. Go ahead, kick that keyboard.