The Network Roundup: Sci-fi me


It was both an exciting and somber week of science fiction for me. As my dear Game of Thrones was wrapping up its season I turn my eyes from fantasy fiction, over to my all time love, science fiction. I had a chance to check out the visually gorgeous Prometheus last night, and really started to feel spoiled by all the great science fiction around me. This was all heightened by the fact that we lost a huge pioneer in the genre this week, in the amazing Ray Bradbury. Without works like Fahrenheit 451, I wonder how much I would have latched on to the genre like I have.

Today we celebrate a bit of sci-fi around the network with Destructoid’s reports on some potential future hits. Japanator looked at some fun sci-fi from the East, with Power Rangers and Sentai news. Flixist has what you have all been waiting for, the Prometheus review. Finally, Tomopop took a look at some amazing toys based off the Aliens franchise. What are your favorite science fiction series, games, or books?