The Network Roundup: The E3 effect


I know some of you haven’t been too impressed with E3’s offerings this year, but all the gaming activity and interest gets me really excited. Sometimes when we only see a glimpse of possibilities, and not the full picture, my imagination starts to run a bit wild about where gaming could be, and where I want it to be. What’s impressed you so far, and has any of the technology given you ideas abut the future?

The Destructoid crew has been running amok across Los Angeles, giving us some really exciting news from the show. Japanator has been poking around the show, too, making sure you get your otaku E3 fill. Even Flixist got into the action with a bunch of super-heroic announcements. And did you think there wouldn’t be awesome toys at E3? Tomopop has all the amazing goods covered. 




[Image via Torwars]