The Network Roundup: You didn’t fool me


Feeling the post April 1st blues? The day after April Fools always has that feeling of decompression. That sensation you get after a long hearty laugh. A little bit of an adrenaline dump, a slight giggle about the previous days wit, and an all around feeling of completely lacking of anything funny left in your system.

Destructoid took a little peek into our sick deprived social needs with OKDtoid, and yes, that is me that hit you up for your nudes. Japanator has a dream, a dream of the 90’s. No, not the 1890’s you hipster. Flixist finally exposed the deepest secrests of the most powerful main on the planet, yes, Jeff Goldblum. Finally, those crazy kids over at Tomopop got real retro as well, like way back.