The new live-action Star Wars show is called The Mandalorian


OK, folks. Ready? We’re going to talk about Star Wars.

Jon Favreau, he who ignited the entire MCU with Iron Man and just generally makes good stuff, is working on a live-action Star Wars TV show for Disney’s new streaming service. That we knew, what we didn’t know for certain was what it would be about or what it was called. Shooting just started for it, however, so Favreau dropped some knowledge on us with an Instagram post, which is quickly becoming the way all movie tidbits come out now.

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The Mandalorian is the name of the show and being a rogue element in the furthest reaches of the galaxy is this specific Mandalorian’s game. I am not so up-to-date on the Mandalorians or what they do since I haven’t watched the Star Wars animated series where they were featured, but it appears they ran a sizeable chunk of the galaxy and were pretty kick-ass warriors. They also dressed like Boba Fett (or he dressed like them), who gets name-dropped above. Please feel free to fill me in on everything I just got wrong in that last paragraph. 

From an outsider perspective, the description honestly sounds like they want to do Han Solo, but not Han Solo, with a little Firefly mixed in. I am so down for that. While I enjoyed Solo for what it was, I’d love to have an actual anti-hero running around in the wild west of the Star Wars universe, unencumbered by the weight of any previous history (or future). 

Then again, maybe this is just another case of too much Star Wars

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