The New Mutants cut being released is the original version


The New Mutants lives again and it might be that all the delays were unnecessary. The announcement of The New Mutants getting a trailer and release date has led to more interest in the idling property. The New Mutants has been pushed back again and again and seems to finally be on its way into theaters. What state is this film in though? There was a long-standing rumor that reshoots would take place to put the film in a more impressive state than it was currently in. The new word, from the director himself, is that the cut that will hit theaters on April 3rd, 2020 will be his original vision for the film.

Did the reshoots take place and this is still the director’s original vision for the film or is it the same cut of the film that has existed for years at this point? It is a little vague, but Boone’s response points to the latter. If this is the case, you have to wonder why they sat on the film for so long. It could be viewed as commendable that the studio decided to go with the original cut and respect the director’s vision. It will be exciting if the film leans into the horror elements hinted at in the first trailer or just keeps things simple with a character-driven story about young mutants dealing with the emergence of their powers.

The New Mutants is currently scheduled to release April 3rd, 2020


‘New Mutants’ Director Josh Boone Says His Original Cut is the One Being Released This Year [/Film]