The New Mutants movie is still real; release date reconfirmed


The ballad of The New Mutants is a sad song, one of ups and downs, but more than anything else confusion. Following delays and a shift of ownership after Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s film and TV assets, things have been murky to say the least. At this point the New Mutants might feel like old news, but director Josh Boone just confirmed that Xavier’s crew of all-new teen titans will still see the light of day.

Taking to Instagram, Boone doubled down on the film’s April 3rd, 2020 release date, as well teased a fresh trailer for the film coming January 6th.

No news is usually… no news, but any updates on the saga of the ’80s mutants is a note worth acknowledging. It’s not dead!

Interesting also is the fact that Boone confirms we’ll get to see the film “in theaters everywhere,” which would seem to nix any fears of the film going straight to Disney+. 

And so the song remains the same; not quite a funeral dirge yet! Tune back in on January 6th for the new trailer for The New Mutants.

post by joshboonemovies [Instagram]