The new Spawn movie is still happening, script taking on revisions


Things have been quiet on the wire regarding the new Spawn film, though new comments from Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions would indicate that the film is indeed still alive, with the script going through some revisions.

Blum noted the “real desire” for the return of Spawn, with Jamie Foxx eyeing the roll of the titular, billowing-cloaked gunman from Hell. “I think probably I’ve frustrated (Spawn creator) Todd (McFarlane) a little bit, and I’ve just said, like, we don’t just have to make the movie, you know we have to make the right movie, with the right script.” Blum went on to cite “recent events in the United States around race” as being crucial to the development of the script, though this remains slightly somewhat unclear.

“We’re going to make the movie,” Blum affirmed. “We are actually kind of re-tackling… we’re going down a different direction with the story than we had in the past, but we are not going to make the movie until that script is great.” Frankly, though Blum sounds earnestly invested in the project, this sounds as if we’re still quite a ways away from seeing Spawn tear up the big screen once again; given the sporadic nature of production under the pandemic, the problems of shooting are further exacerbated.

Still, Todd McFarlane is an incredibly passionate and talented creator, as well as a confident promoter of his brand. His involvement with the new Spawn film has been prominent from the start since it started to gain traction some five years ago. Jamie Foxx’s involvement with the leading role kept the dream alive, as big names attaching to projects tends to do. Hopefully the partnering with Blumhouse–one of the most-successful production companies active today–spells good tidings for the billowing cape of old’ Spawny.

Source: IGN