The next Coen Brothers movie is about Dave van Ronk


After loving the Coen Brothers’ take on remaking True Grit, I’ve been eagerly anticipating any news on the duo’s next film. Now, news is coming in that the project will be a musically-focused story based on the life of Dave van Ronk, the folk singer who was a contemporary of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell in the Greenwich Village music scene of the 1960s. Van Ronk mixed blues and jazz influences with his guitar work and made his mark on a number of up-and-coming folk artists of the time.

Though he passed away in 2002, Dave van Ronk had enough time to write his memoir, “The Mayor of MacDougal Street,” which was published posthumously. The Coen Brothers confirmed that the memoir would serve as inspiration for their script.

The Coen Brothers compared their upcoming film to Noah Baumbach’s Margot at the Wedding, saying it would feature natural dialogue and music performed live by a single instrument, the latter of which seems like a no-brainer, considering the subject matter. I’ve got a big soft spot for most films about musicians from the 1960s, so hearing that the Coen Brothers are taking a stab at it makes me really happy. Here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long!