The Only Living Boy in New York gets trained to woo his dad’s lover by Jeff Bridges


I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a good New York City story. Having grown up in the state that the Big Apple uses for a garbage deposit I’ve spent many days wandering around the city just breathing in the feeling of the city and thinking up stories for the people I pass. Having since moved away I now have to get the nostalgic feeling of being there through movies that use the city as a character and more than just a setting. It may only be a trailer but I get the feeling that The Only Living Boy in New York isn’t going to scratch my desire to recreate the feeling of a cold winters day in NYC.

The movie looks to tell the story of a young college graduate who yearns for his best friends heart and enlists the help of his new neighbor. During the course of the courting he stumbles onto his fathers infidelity and suddenly his intentions shift from winning the heart of his friend to trying to get with his fathers lover? What?

With a reported 90 minute run time I have a sneaking suspicion that this will either be the fastest drama ever or it will suffer from trying to shove too much into such a short amount of time. I will however give it a chance because the director Marc Webb has forever earned my respect for the expectations/reality scene from (500) Days of Summer.

The Only Living Boy In New York - Official U.S. Trailer | Amazon Studios

The Only Living Boy in New York will open in theaters on August 11th this year and stars Callum Turner, Kate Beckinsale, Pierce Brosnan, Cynthia Nixon, Kiersey Clemons, and Jeff Bridges.

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