The Orville is moving to Hulu for its third season


The fallout from Disney buying Fox is far and wide. While the obvious things like the X-Men coming to the MCU are just beginning to roll there’s smaller stuff as well. For instance, The Orville is leaving Fox and moving over to Hulu for its third season. There doesn’t seem to be any other changes, as we still have a nebulous release date, but the shift is notable.

Seth MacFarlane announced the the move at SDCC, saying that it would be good for the show because they’ll have a bit more flexibility on the streamer. It also movies the show onto a Disney platform. While Fox sold most of its assessts to Disney it still owned the broadcast network, meaning the show was being made by Disney but broadcast on a separate network. Now, all the money goes right to Disney because they don’t have to share with Fox broadcasting. That will probably help the series, along with the freedom that streaming options seem to give their series creators.

Thank goodness. Fox’s historical hatred of great science fiction made every season of The Orville, which is doing Star Trek better than Star Trek at the moment, feel like the last. This move makes it seem like Disney has plans for the series for the long run and that they’re hoping it will help anchor their Hulu content, which should trend more adult than Disney+. 

The Orville‘s third season will possibly premiere sometime in the Fall of 2020.

‘The Orville’ Is Moving To Hulu For Season 3 [Trek Movie]

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