The Power Rangers reboot Megazord is a f**king mess


The upcoming Power Rangers reboot may be releasing in five months, but we’ve only been shown one tiny teaser for it. When pressed about new footage at the NYCC panel, director Dean Isrealite stated they were saving a lot of that stuff for later. A lot of good that did since the toy company Bandai, which has been making Power Rangers products since the jump, has been releasing images of the film’s accompanying toys; completely revealing the film’s new morpher, zord, and Megazord designs. 

I’ve been holding these images off because I figured they’d look better in motion, but the latest revealed Megazord is too much of a f**king mess to ignore. Just look at that thing. It’s basically the Ivan Ooze zord design from the first film mixed with some veiny dude. I can sort of tell how the zords fit into the design thanks to the highlights, but this is yet another example of how the bright colors are snuffed out by how dark the new palette is. 

But seriously, how the heck do the Transformers looking-ass zords turn into this? Morpher looks fine though, in all honesty. 

[via Twitter]