The President Stole My Girlfriend exists for some reason


Back in 2004, Hollywood movie executives were fooled into hiring a robot called the AWESOM-O 4000 under the pretence that it would generate an endless stream of brilliant ideas for movies. Unfortunately, the robot in question turned out to be a little boy called Eric Cartman in disguise and the thousand-plus concepts he suggested were ultimately shelved. All, it would seem, except one.

Russell Brand is set to star in The President Stole My Girlfriend, a movie about exactly what the title suggests, in other words an idea so staggeringly awful that it could only have come from the twisted mind of Eric Cartman. Brand describes the movie thusly: “In this movie, the president steals the girlfriend of a sexy hippie – me, obviously.”

I honestly don’t know what to say. High concepts can be fun, but this is just… horrendous. I fail to see where even the slightest hint of comedic potential could come from. Hopefully the world will end before this is able to be released. Or possibly because it gets released.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]