The Purge writer/director returning for the sequel


After a sequel to The Purge was announced shortly after it made its original run in theaters (and I apologized for it), we haven’t heard much news since that announcement. That just means someone jumped the gun, right? Couldn’t be. Well if you were a fan of the original like Sean was, then you’ll be glad to know that the original’s writer and director is returning to work on the sequel. 

According to Variety, James DeMonaco is returning to work on the film for Universal. While there’re no plot details since the film hasn’t even been written yet, crimes will most likely happen. If they’re smart, a sequel will just take place at the same time as the original film and just follow a different group. One of my biggest problems with The Purge as a whole was that it stupidly focused on a single family while there were SO many crimes they could’ve committed instead. I mean, unless you want to go all meta and say that making The Purge was the most devious crime of all. 

[via Variety]