The Raid’s Joe Taslim is cast as Sub-Zero in new Mortal Kombat movie


You may recall way back in the 90s when Paul W.S. Anderson directed a Mortal Kombat movie and even childhood you thought it was pretty bad. A lot of mistakes were made with that film but the biggest one was the complete and total lack of decent martial arts fighters in leading roles. Thankfully, everything old is new again and we’re getting a second shot at a Mortal Kombat movie, which,if the casting of Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero is any indication, will have much better fight sequences.

You may know Taslim from the greatest action/kung fu/fight film ever, The Raid, but the guy has been tearing up action cinema since then and his casting here signals that Wan and director Simon McQuoid are going to lean hard into the fight sequences for the film, and maybe even hints at an R-rating. Considering Taslim’s films are usually brutal it’s very possible. Plus, why announce this as the first piece of casting unless you’re sending a message that this is going to be a top-grade brawler. It’s not like Sub-Zero is the biggest character in the game or talks… at all. 

Of course, we don’t know anything about the film outside of this casting. The plot has been under wraps, the rating isn’t known, and we haven’t even heard what fatalities will show up on screen. This is all we got!

Mortal Kombat’ Movie Finds Its Sub-Zero (Exclusive) [THR]

Matthew Razak
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