The Raven looks positively rustic in these new images


Well, regardless of how the trailer for The Raven made me feel, these images are giving me renewed hope that this film will be at the very least a brooding, atmospheric romp through the world of Edgar Allan Poe as seen through John Cusack-tinted glasses. While Cusack looks the part, I’m still curious to see what he could lend to such a role. The actor is hilarious and charming, traits that I never really associated with Edgar Allan Poe, but then the whole idea of The Raven is seeing a side to this story we’ve never seen before and, perhaps, a side to Poe we’ve never seen before for that matter. Here’s hoping James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) knows what he’s doing and it can reach even half my expectations for this film. The Raven opens April 27th.

Hit the jump to see images of The Raven.

[Via Collider]