The Red Skull looks freaking awesome


So we got the briefest of glimpses at the Red Skull in the Super Bowl Captain America teaser. Now, Entertainment Weekly has the first official look at Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, and Sean and I are nerdgasming hard over here. None of that, “oh, he’s looking normal before he gets all red facified,” crap. This is Red Skull, looking SS-y in his Hydra uniform and with a face like a…well…red skull. Man, in retrospect, he really doesn’t have the most original name. Following his example, if I were a supervillain, I guess I’d be Handsome Jew, or maybe Giant…Nose.

Check out the pic in the gallery. The EW article also features an interview with director Joe Johnston, but it’s mostly things we’ve heard before.

[Via EW]