The Rock & Gina Carano are totes BFFs in Fast Six


You may recall earlier in the year that Haywire star Gina Carano was in talks for Fast Six. Like Xander said when he first reported the news, it’d be great to have another legit ass-kicker as a female co-star in this Fast film rather than some perfunctory T & A. Not that Carano isn’t hot — full disclosure, I’ve always had a thing for women who are taller and more athletic than I am… though I guess neither is a difficult feat.

The Rock recently tweeted this pic with Carano on the set of Fast Six: The Undiscovered Country, which is currently in production. At the helm once again is Justin Lin, who’s directed the last three films in the series. Lin has a few projects ahead that are notable. One is a remake of Lone Wolf and Cub, and the other is a possible movie on the LA riots that Spike Lee was once attached to (see the tenth paragraph). I assume that only one of these future projects will feature cars in some capacity.

Check out the full image of The Rock and Gina Carano in the gallery. Fast Six is scheduled to come out May 24th, 2013. No word on if this latest Fast movie is part of screenwriter Chris Morgan’s 600-movie vision.

[The Rock on Twitter via /Film]

Hubert Vigilla
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