The Russo brothers are going to remake MGM classics


The Russo brothers have pretty much had their entire lives taken over by guiding the MCU through its most important stages, but once Avengers: Endgame drops their going to have a lot of time on their hands. That time, it appears, will be taken up with a crap ton more producing (and directing the upcoming drama, Cherry). The brothers’ production studio, AGBO, has just inked a deal with MGM to remake some of the studios most classic IP.

Per Deadline, “they’ve made a multi-film non-exclusive creative partnership to co-develop, co-produce and co-finance a slate of projects.” It’s actually a very unique agreement, but one that seems to place MGM in a very enviable postion of having the two men who brought in billions of dollars working for Marvel in a close relationship. That’s gotta be worth a lot. It is also a sign that MGM wants to take what IPs it does have and turn them into marketable brands that produce sequels and products.

AGBO will begin this work by remaking, yet again, The Thomas Crown Affair. They Russos are big fans of the original movie and might even direct this remake, which already has a screenwriter. The studio is also going to take control of The Rats of Nimh “live-action” remake and a new film called Hacienda. From there, who knows what we’ll be seeing. MGM has a massive catalog of movies to remake. 

Sadly, this news is not that they’re taking over Universal’s classic IP because if anyone could actually make the Dark Universe into something it would be these guys. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to be content with another attempt to reboot Death Wish

Matthew Razak
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