The RZA joins Django Unchained


In the latest “post every bit of casting news out of Django Unchained” series, we’re here to tell you that Robert Fitzgerald Diggs aka The RZA aka The Abbot aka Prince Rakeem aka The RZArector aka Bobby Digitial aka Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah is the latest odd casting choice. The Wu-Tang Clan frontman has worked with Quentin Tarantino as a composer on Kill Bill, but with Django Unchained he will put on his acting shoes and play Thaddeus, a “violent slave who works on a Mississippi plantation”.

The RZA is one of those rapper/actors I actually enjoy seeing on the big screen, but that may be bias on my part considering I grew up listening to The Wu. I can only hope that he has a hand in the soundtrack as well. Also, Ill take this time to insert the obligatory shouts of “Wu-Tang is for the children”, “Protect Ya Neck” and “SHAOLIN!” references here.

[Via Screen Rant]