The second coming of Jim Morrison


A long time ago in the basement of a bookstore, I met Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors. This was one of the perks from my childhood best friend being the son of Jo Jo Laine, notorious “band aid” for those of you who’ve seen Almost Famous, and a woman linked with Jim Morrison in more ways than one.

More than anything, Ray spoke of his disdain for religious fundamentalism, but as the night went on, he inevitably shifted to the rumors that Jim’s coffin was too light to have contained a body. He described the urban legends that followed, and a vivid dream he once had of Morrison’s return. In slumber, Ray was approached by his friend at Venice Beach, where the two previously co-founded The Doors after a chance encounter. Jim tried to explain why he needed to eject himself from celebrity, and what that cost him.

Manzarek was inspired to depict this in his novel, The Poet in Exile, which was later given to me at random by Jesus Christ on the subway. I’ve spotted that same guy multiple times while walking the streets, and have no choice but to assume he’s the actual Jim Morrison in disguise.

Truthfully, I never read the book. I’m only here to inform you that it’s being developed as a motion picture by Tim Sullivan, director of 2001 Maniacs.

[Via Variety]