The second season of Amazon’s The Tick debuts hug-desiring trailer

The Tick Season 2 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

There are two reasons I use Amazon Video: The Marvelous Ms. Maisle and The Tick. Also, I used it for that Jean-Claude Van Damme show, but that’s beside the point. The point is, The Tick is coming back with a second season and we’ve got a new trailer. It’s full of the same style of humor that the first season had, and what looks to be a much larger variety of heroes and villains. 

That, actually, seems to be the main gist of this second season. With The Terror gone, the city is now “safe enough to protect” and other heroes start coming out of the woodwork. There’s also the return of AEGIS, the government organization that monitors heroes, and Ms. Lint, wonderfully played by Yara Martinez. There will clearly be plenty of team-ups. Everyone does, in fact, like team-ups. 

What isn’t clear here is if the second season will keep the more serious tones of the first. That season did an incredible job of reinventing a character everyone knew by updating its subject matter and tone into a dark comedy that went way deeper than you’d expect. Going deep is good, chum! We’ll see if they’re able to keep up the pitch-perfect tone this time around, but the nipple-eye guy is definitely a good sign.

The Tick season 2 trailer finds the City’s heroes facing a new ‘spree of evil’ [EW]

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