The Secret Life of Walter Mitty gets first tease

THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY | International Teaser Trailer

This looks rather brilliantly bonkers. Ben Stiller’s directorial debut is a remake of the 1947 film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which in turn is based upon the short story by James Thurber. The story blends the real world and the imagination to create something something inspiring I guess? The visual flavor at play has more than piqued my interest and the general direction of the trailer looks almost classic in a way.

Honestly, this looks pretty darn fancy. The Secret Life just got confirmed as the centerpiece for NYFF too. The trailer shows off real heart and humanity behind Stiller in a role which, at first glance, seems removed from the eccentric comedy and placed in some odd place. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what this thing have to offer and whether or not it’ll deliver on its visual hype.