The Simpsons pay tribute to Studio Ghibli films

An Anime Tribute | Season 25 | The Simpsons

This Sunday on The Simpsons, Comic Book Buy is getting married in “Married to the Blob.” Sure, Comic Book Guy (or Jeffrey Albertson) has been in romantic relationships before, but now that he’s apparently romancing a manga artist, maybe this will stick. Or maybe it won’t be a marriage at all. He could just be imagining things (but I hope that’s not the case!)

Anyhoo, in one scene of the upcoming episode, Homer and that manga artist’s father walk around in a drunken stupor and start imagining Studio Ghibli films. So that’s why this clip is here. Because movies and not because I really like The Simpsons and will abuse this platform to talk about it. 

[via Topless Robot]