The Smith boys suffer lapse in judgement with Shyamalan


Considering how badly his last three movies bombed, critically and financially, I’m utterly shocked that movie studios are still giving M. Night Shyamalan money to make crappy movies. Despite an overwhelming abundance of evidence against letting him continue to work, Columbia Pictures has moved forward with Shyamalan’s next project, an “untitled sci-fi adventure” that was called One Thousand A.D. this time last year about a father and son that crash land on Earth a thousand years after humanity abandoned it. The father and son have been cast as Will and Jaden Smith, who apparently didn’t get the memo that everything Shyamalan’s done since Unbreakable has sucked like a Hoover.

The Smiths are pretty mega-hot stars in general, so I really have to wonder what they’re getting paid to do this. I know I don’t look at Mark Wahlberg the same after I realize that, at some point, he looked at the script to The Happening and said, “This is a good career move after working with Martin Scorcese.”

[Via /Film]