The Social Network returns to theaters, because it can


Oscar season is coming up, and apparently Sony’s Columbia Pictures thinks that award voters can’t remember what they saw this year – even if it’s a critically acclaimed film that pulled in more than four times its opening weekend gross. So how does Sony think it should fix this problem? Put The Social Network back in theaters, of course!

Deadline reports that David Fincher’s brilliant telling of the Facebook story will return to theaters tomorrow, January 7, in about 600 theaters nationwide. And then the DVD release launches on January 11, including more than eight hours of bonus features, in case you don’t like going out to see movies in public.

It’s all part of Sony’s plan to keep award voters thinking about their film, including bragging about how it made over $200 million worldwide – within the first week of release. Personally, I don’t think making lots of money constitutes a good film, but I can’t argue with the film itself. With all the accolades it has received, it’s a big contender for a Best Picture award, Columbia Pictures’ first potential win since 1988. With over a month before the Oscars, they better hope that their gambit works.

[Deadline via Perez Hilton – Thanks, Crystal!]