The South Asian International Film Festival is upon us


We do a lot of things here on Flixist, and some of those things are pretty cool. The rest? Totally awesome. One of the many totally awesome things we do is cover film festivals. Lots and lots of film festivals. Right now, for example, we’re finishing up our coverage of the New York Film Festival and our Chicago International Film Festival coverage is just beginning. But those are big mainstay festivals, in their 50th and 48th incarnations respectively. There are other festivals that are just as worthwhile but are much younger. Such is the case with the South Asian International Film Festival, taking place in New York City from October 24th to the 30th, which is now in its ninth year. 

And we will be covering it. Starting on the 23rd, we will be bringing you reviews of the hottest films this side of Bombay. Is “Bombay” even a thing anymore? Wikipedia’s kind of vague. Was that offensive?

Anyways, head below for the schedule, which is presented in a big pretty image rather than text like we usually do. It has the benefit of being nicer to look at and also simpler for me to add to a post. It’s a win win! In the gallery, you can see it in its full glory.